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Mollifix Highlight A++ Upgraded sport bra (BL)
May 11, 2017

My latest gym buddy

My new favorite these days, MOLLIFIX HIGHLIGHT A++ UPGRADED SPORT BRA (BL), this bra is not only good for gymnastics but also daily fashionable wear!
It has perfect coverage for me, allows me enjoy my sweat arthritis same time not have to worry about gravity and my body get outta shape!
It can sculpt my body at all times, I wear it to work, to gym, to my yoga classes, and even when I go out. it drys quick so I don't have to endure that sticky, nasty kind of feeling on my body.
Sometimes I wear it underneath my t shirt with one shoulder out, so I can be casual at the same time being sexy.
Love it! I have a stack of these in my room.

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