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Skin Care Towel
June 02, 2017


After i have watched the videos about this product online, I made an order right away!!
I travel alot, and in order to save spaces for my suitcase, I prefer to bring this little ones along with me.
I just want to show you guys how amazing this towel is !! it's handy, space-free, and it's cost efficient! How so?
With this towel I don't need any other make up remover related products!! bye bye to my oil, lotion, or water!! All i need is this towel,
and super easy to use, simply dip it into water then wipe it off from your face~~ LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!
As you can see the make ups are being wiped off completely!!!

I tried to take a closer picture (a little bit blurred, sorry, since it's taken by my phone, not DSLR), but it's clear that all make ups are being wiped off,
I was amazed by this towel, although I am not sure how did they achieve it, but I simply loved it!!

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