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SOFEI - Red Quinoa Oil Treatment
June 13, 2017

Sofei, great scent!

This is the one that I am dying to share!!!! SOFEI Argan+Red Quinoa Oil treatment!!
it smells really good, not so strong that makes me want to puke, or sometimes hair treatment oil would have this weird smell,
but not with this one!! its smell makes me feel comfortable and relax, and look at the bottle!! it's pink! I mean... who doesn't like pink? Ladies!!

I am the kind customer that do extra homework when buying things, especially when it comes to cosmetics / skincare / haircare related products,
because I love myself, so I don't want to ruin myself. Before I make purchase, I have googled this products,
and it contains what they called "Gold 5 hair care essence, which sounds fancy, so that's one of the reason for me to buy it,
I wanna see if it's really that good.

When I first received it in mail (thanks to beautykeeper!!!), I saw it and I was surprised buy it's size, it's smaller than I thought,
which means I can put in my office and get to use it whenever i thought of it.

The pink outlook was definitely one selling point for me, I just can't wait to try it out right away, so I used some on my hand, and look!!!
It's clear and fluid, which is the form I love, not too sticky not too oily.
I love it !!!
I love it !!!
I love it !!!

can't wait to try out tonight!!!!

Isn't it cute!!! Adork

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