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SOFEI - Red Quinoa Oil Treatment
June 13, 2017

SOFEI- Argan+ Red Quinoa

Look at this baby!!! My new favorite hair products now a days =)
The first thing that attracts me is it's pink!!!!!!
I don't usually buy hair products, but this one is an exception,
it has been crazily praised in my sisterhood, which makes me wonder what is this!!
Out of curiosity, I bought it, few of hair products that I actually pay for it,
it turned out to be a huge surprise! It has this good scent and I love it, I can actually use it as my hair perfume. haha

it's easy to use, just two steps, squeeze then apply. I have tried Morocco oil before and that didn't work well for me,
I think that's too much, too heavy in a way makes my hair look greasy, but that never happen with this one!!


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